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On messaging sites like Telegram, WhatsApp, Talko & SnapChat use 0033 6 79 61 42 81. On any other site look for the ID andrewhennigan. It is probably me.

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Andrew Hennigan is a Communication Consultant, Writer and Speaker. His interests include speaking, presenting, networking, influencing, reputation, branding, social media, media training and intercultural communications.


He works with businesses and other organizations, delivering lectures and workshops, writing content and coaching senior managers. In addition he teaches networking, social media and communication courses for graduate students at universities in France, Italy, Sweden and the UK. He also does some freelance journalism and ghost writing for busy people.



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Lecture Summary:

White Hat Influencing: Why Ethical Influencing is better for you, the people around you and the community

Whatever you do, if you want to succeed you need to convince other people to do things that will help you, or at least to not get in the way. You can't just order people to do things so you need to master the art and science of influencing. There are many techniques for doing this. Some are plainly unethical and some are questionable but there are many others that are both effective and ethical -- white hat influencing.
In this lecture Andrew Hennigan introduces the concept of ethical influencing and some of the essential techniques you can master quickly. It also explains why this approach is so much better for the people who adopt it, for the people around them and for the community. Done correctly, ethical influencing is not only good for you it is also more effective at an organizational level.
The lecture is available in a shorter 20-minute version for conference settings and extended 30-45 minute versions for other events. Extra time can be added for a Q&A session. The content can also be adapted to suit the audience, venue and other factors; for more information see the Lectures page. A hands-on workshop on the same topic is also available. For details see the Workshops page.

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